Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Are We A Federal Republic Or A Democracy?

from Right Wing Wiz Kid

We were formed to be a Federal Republic operating under Democratic Principles, not a Democracy. Period. Democray is organized Anarchy.

Mort The Troll Kondrake Whines About Rush Limbaugh

HT MsUnderestimated

More unbelievable idiocy from a troll on the right
What a foolish imp this Morty character is

Laura Ingraham Trounces Mort The Troll Kondrake

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Go get 'em Tiger!

NBC News Obtains Videotape of 9/11 Hijacker Being Coached by al-Qaida Handlers

Almost 8 years later, NBC decides to release data that I have known for a lot longer.

Curious, no?